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I'm not looking to make steam just hot water. Check out this guys coil and where he would put it. I need to recoil my copper and put it at top where the heat exits. I've not used copper to catch heat before. Had in my mind that it might melt or break down from the heat over time. Guess with water moving through it, keeps in cool. So I can put it in the flame?

This is where It's going to live. Testing it out. I like this stove. You can put your hand at the bottom of the barrel and it feels cold. About 3/4's the way up it becomes to hot to keep your hand on. At top water sizzles.

My Dad gave me this old water heater tank. It was leaking at the element. Bet it has 20 - 30 pounds of calcium build up in it. Note the concave bottom. Going to clean it up and make it water tight. Then put it where the bowl is now. Might insulate it and cover it with another barrel.

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