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"That's a 2 ton 10 seer unit. Not super efficient by today's standards. Not much better than a window AC unit."

It's worse. The EER ratings on window AC units from even the previous energy star standard that enacted over a decade ago was 10.7 EER, which corresponds to about 12 SEER. The current minimum SEER rating for a central AC is 13 SEER.

You can see what the EER ratings are to make a rough comparison to SEER by looking through the AHRI ratings.

"I bought a new lines set so do I need to flush the compressor and condenser only?"

Was the outdoor units valves closed? Does the unit still have its charge inside?

If not, I wouldn't even go through the effort of trying to install this because all of the oil sitting inside the compressor has probably absorbed the oil and/or the internals of the compressor could have started to rust if the compressor has been open to the air.

If you still want to do this, you'll want to connect everything up, vacuum the system down with a vacuum pump for a good long time, charge with nitrogen to help dry things out, purge and vacuum it back down, then try your refrigerant fill. Not sure how to dry your refrigerant of choice but since you have a fresh charge going in, I'd add a new in-line filter/dryer as I'm sure the other one has used up dessicant.
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