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Originally Posted by pinballlooking View Post
If it is a DIY install, I bet he would make out just fine. Have him keep records before solar bills and after solar bills to prove the performance and savings.
It'll be DIY, totally!! Growing up with him, and learning from his dad is part of the reason I'm so handy with tools. His house was carpentry 101, engine mechanics 101, auto body 101, and landscaping 101. My house was electronics 101, electrical 101, dock building 101, and boating 101.

We already discussed where his electrical panel is in comparison to the proposed array location (great location). He didn't sound too phased, and commented he'd already thought of that when I suggested moving the two attic vents that are on the south face of the roof he'll be using. (I love google street view).

I'll set him up with one of my TED 1000 devices, and gift him a Kill-A-Watt to get him started on where the current electricity goes...
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