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Got the unit rigged up today. I have some accommodation to do.
Before shot of the victim: a whirlpool 1 1/3 ton twisty knob window unit with reversing valve added.
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The thing wired up dead easy. No cutting wires or crimping connectors at all. Basic wire color coding / matching skills required. Once it got turned on, I figured out a problem: the reversing valve is active in heating instead of cooling mode. So it is trying to cool in heating mode and vice versa. Like I said, a cheap (or maybe free, if the on-board reversing valve relay has a normally closed contact) relay mod will change that. If I hadn't lost that coin toss, I would have had a "correctly" operating unit without any extra work.
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I tapped into the other hot line for the "neutral" connection for the board. I had to run one extra wire: a "neutral/ground" wire to the doorbell transformer I am using to energize the reversing valve. All I have on hand is 110/24 volt doorbell transformers.
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I ran out of free time today, so I left the unit in its current state of almost working perfect. Still haven't looked for remote batteries yet.

EDIT: I did a little research today, and found that the sugar cube relays in this controller (HRW-112LM1) are form A, which means SPST normally open contacts. I will either have to find a replacement relay that is form C (SPDT contacts) and swap the RV relay or rig in a logic inverting transistor to make it do what it should.
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