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The package came in the mail today. USPS Priority Mail from Hollywood, Florida. Yay! I don't know where the pics and such came from, but the stuff in the box I got looks just like the label on the box. And it did come with three sensors. No batteries for the remote control, though.

Top view of the control board

The two chips on top of the board are identical. They are buffer chips that are being used to control all the relays and the swing motor. Just about the same as any random window shaker unit.

Checking the bottom of the control board reveals that everything is switched by one line of the power cord. This means I will have to conjure a way to make it run correctly.This also means it can run off 110 or 220 Volt (or both with relay mods for a couple bucks...) line power. If the board was transplanted into something like Xringer has, but with a single speed compressor, it could very well need no extra work besides wiring. The chip on the bottom is the embedded controller. Someone could probably find a programmable controller with the same pinout as this chip if they looked.
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