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Looks like the control has 30 Amp contactors for compressor and aux heat, 7 Amp sugar cube relays for everything else. Main thing I'm worried about is what comes out of the relays? Line voltage? 12VDC? Neutral? My guess is it switches one line leg, like your Sanyo control board. In that case, I will have to either switch coils on my reversing valve or use a doorbell transformer to get 24VAC. Maybe I'll get lucky and the designers put low voltage coming out for the reversing valve.

Found a close-up shot of what should come in the box:

I wonder why the wall and remote controls don't match? Maybe they had extra Hayashi remotes that week.

I'm not a licenseded HVAC tech, but I think I am certificated enough to install this device.

I have my fingers crossed that all 3 temp sensors will be in the box (ambient, pipe, defrost). The unit description says it does, but you never know...

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