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Currently I'm not sure if I'll just be heating my garage or try to get some of the heat into my house. Yes the air pressure is used to atomize the fuel and siphon the oil up to the nozzle. As far as pre heating the oil I've had it running with and without pre heat. It runs ok with no pre heat but seems to clog up easier? Not sure if it really does but it seems to run less smoothly with out pre heat. I've been pre heating it to 140-160f.

Up till this point I've been running in filtered oil straight out of my car/truck. I have a centrifuge that I've filtered some of the oil with and I'm going to start using that the next time in messing with the burner.

The only real problem I've been having with it so far is that after it's been running for a while the flame will begin to cut out for a split second but restart instantly. This only happens a few times a minute but then it will continue to get worse and eventually the flame will go out. So that is the next big to work on. Once that is solved I'll be making the heat exchanger
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