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Default WMO burner/heater

So i have started building a WMO heater. i have my old water heater tank that i plan to make the heat exchanger out of.

i did something different from all of the other videos and things i have found on the interweb. Most everyone goes with a minimum of a 1 GPH nozzle i have got with a .2GPH nozzle. my thought behind this is who needs 150k BTU? i know i dont. I have a brand new 95% t stage furnace that is rated at 72K and its more than enough to heat my 1600SF house. so if we base the WMO btu output at 150K (ive seen many numbers online) i should be at about 30k btu and thats probably under what i need but i might end up jumping to the .3 nozzle size.

Anyway this is what i have so far its a ,2GPH nozzle with 3PSI.

this is the retention head i made for it. you cant see it in the pictures because its in the tube. it serves two purposes one of them being to put a slight swirl to the air and the other is it gets red hot and helps to keep the fuel vaporizing.

and this is just a short video

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