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Originally Posted by Xringer View Post
I saw this one on Ebay.. JB DV-22N DV-24N Digital Vacuum Micron Gauge with Case - eBay (item 300353500817 end time Oct-09-09 18:03:08 PDT)

Looks like a nice unit.. 20 to 9000 Microns, What do you think?
Looks real pretty.

Mine cost me about $137, bought it from a local supplier. If you can get that one for less, you are that much further ahead.

Originally Posted by Xringer View Post
Re: malleable stuff
That tech guy also said I could use a 45 degree flare tool. He said
when you tighten down the nuts real good, it will come down to 37 degs
without a hitch. Just loosen and re-tighten to normal pressure afterwards.
No probleMoe.. I expressed some doubts and he
assured me it works, because the tubing is so malleable..

What do you think?
Well, I didn't know about the angles, that's good to know...

I do know that copper is very forgiving.

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