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I saw this one on Ebay.. JB DV-22N DV-24N Digital Vacuum Micron Gauge with Case - eBay (item 300353500817 end time Oct-09-09 18:03:08 PDT)

Looks like a nice unit.. 20 to 9000 Microns, What do you think?

And, I have a printout of that table right here, but I still didn't know if
I was reading it right.. Until I looked up "Hg" and found it's the
modern chemical symbol for mercury.. LOL!! I'm so forgetful these days!
Or, maybe I never knew that!

I might end up needing to cut off about 4 feet of line-set, and that
tech guy at Ductless HVAC Supply also advised me to practice on
the extra cable. He said after you do about 10 flares, you will likely
do a better job than some AC tech who is in a hurry..

Re: malleable stuff
That tech guy also said I could use a 45 degree flare tool. He said
when you tighten down the nuts real good, it will come down to 37 degs
without a hitch. Just loosen and re-tighten to normal pressure afterwards.
No probleMoe.. I expressed some doubts and he
assured me it works, because the tubing is so malleable..

What do you think?

Yeah, I know you are a hacker like me. But, I also know that a lot of the
Experts I've seen aren't always doing and expert job..
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