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Originally Posted by AC_Hacker View Post
I was gonna recommend a cheaper alternative, but I just looked online and they were about $100, so go for it.

Your unit may use different fittings than mine, just wait until your stuff arrives and measure it at that time.

You do know that you should use a tubing cutter that uses tiny knife-sharp wheels to do the jub, right? You don't want to use a saw and leave bits of copper to float about in your system.

Your tubes will also have lengths of foam insulation that you'll need to shorten. You can slide the insulation over the end of the tube and make your cut with scissors, then snug the end down to the tube with nylon tie-wraps.

Your tubing will have little plastic caps that keep dirt out of the tubes. The tube is not pressurized or 'filled' or anything. After you cut your tube and slip your flare nut (use the ones that are already on the tube) over the tube, then make the flare.

Then put the little caps back on the tube until you're ready to do the deed.


The install manual tells you to ream the end of the tube while it's
pointed downwards (page 17).

I would still be worried about getting metal particles inside it.
I was thinking maybe stuff some non-lint fabric up in there,
to block the tube up, and then blow it out with a blast of dry air
from the other end.?.

I have two pipe cutters that I use for cutting copper water tubing.
I think the smaller one might be good for this job. It's pretty sharp.
At work, I use a super fine jeweler's saw and a fixture to cut off
0.141 OD hardline coax cable. That will be my backup method,
if my small tube cutter fails to perform. I can make fixture blocks on my Chinese mill.

The manual says "the ideal (or target) vacuum condition is around 10 mmHg abs."
(What does that equal to? Is that 10 Torr? (10 Torr=10,000 Micron?)..

That MasterCool pump does 75 Microns. Will that do the job??
Mastercool Inc., Vacuum Pumps

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