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Originally Posted by AC_Hacker View Post

As a disclaimer:

(* I am not a refrigeration technician. If you do the work yourself, you're voiding your warantee. *)

But I did mine myself and it's working just great.

I didn't change my lineset, so you will need to verify that the R-410a flare fitting is not substantially different from other flare fittings. I do think it has a different diameter but you should still be able to use common flare tools.

Will you be doing the entire install yourself?

I installed mine, and I can tell you what I did, if you are interested...



I won't be doing the whole install, but I want to do most of it.

This week, I'll be talking to the city inspector to get permission to do my
own 230vac wiring. (I was allowed to wire up the addition we added to our
home about 20 years back, including the 230 outlet).

I would also like to install and test the line-set tubing. Which does not look
very hard to do. I just wonder if I buy the tools (vac pump & R410A gauge set)
will I ever use those tools more than once..

But, since I plan to call in a certified AC guy to release the R410A,
for the warranty sign-off. I'm wondering if I should skip testing the line-set
and just let him do it.?.

YES, I am very interested in every step of your install..
Did you take any pics?

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