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Wood heat is lovely, the sounds of the crackling fire just so nice. But not so the other heat it takes . . . hauling it in and cleaning it out.

For many years we heated with wood (Michigan) and we used efficient airtight stoves (Vermont Castings). But compared to our geothermal heat pump; it just does not compare.

I do have a backup pellet stove, in the fireplace, for emergency heat and the use of pellets is FAR better than chunks of wood.

But thinking about it, all that splitting of wood, decades ago, probably prevented me from killing someone. Splitting wood, when it is about zero, jacket off, is very rewarding as the frozen wood just cleaves apart. Great exercise, good for the mind.

Wood when burned, is still a huge contributor to CO2 and the EPA has recently announced yet another hike in woodstove mandated efficiency.

conflicted as I love burning wood, but also realize the problems
consulting on geothermal heating/cooling & rational energy use since 1990
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