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He did a great job, very nice construction! What's really impressive is that it's actually useful. I made something very similar to that a few years back. It consisted of a coffee can and a soup can, but the design of the holes was almost exactly the same as this one. I didn't think of the chimney though, due to my limited knowledge of stove firing and natural draft back then. I must say that it's a very gratifying feeling when you first see those flames coming out of the top holes. That's when you shout to the wife "HONEY, C'MERE AND LOOK AT THIS!" ... and she just gives you this look like "and why are you burning sticks in a can out in the backyard???" And you say "but it's woodgas!" LOL!

It is an excellent little project to experiment with gasifiers though. The fact that he made it into a perfectly usable stove is all the more impressive.
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