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So the plan for pumping is to get the ecm pumps with the constant pressure setting. When a zone valve opens it will drop the pressure and the pump with start pumping as hard as it needs to. Each zone with also have a flow meter on it to regulate the flow. Initially I was just planning on buying a water to water unit but they are rather $$$ but I will keep an eye out for a used one possibly.

But I do have a question. What style compressor would make the most sense for this application if I diy. For example a single speed or two stage or even possibly a 3 phase system like randens 5 ton. The only reason I'm even considering the 3 phase option is because I have solar. I have 10kw usable battery storage and a 4400 watt 240volt inverter(magnum 4424). I only have about a 1kW of solar panels tho. So i would need to add some panels. But if I went that route I could in theory run the heat pump all day storing as much hot cold h2o I can and then just run off the storage at night. At least in cooling mode. Heating mode (winter time)would probably not work as well as my new house doesn't have great winter solar but good in summer time. But my main heat source will be the oil boiler anyway.

Edit. If I did the solar and three phase. I would have to hook up some kind of power meter to the solar end of things to know how much power im bringing in and then ramp the vfd up to match the power from the solar panels.
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