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Originally Posted by Christ View Post
Don't get me wrong... I hate blown cellulose fiber. That doesn't make it any less of a great insulation, I just hate it. Soy-based sprayed foam is good too, but damn, it's not fun to play with once it sets.
Chris ? your not eating the stuff are you ?

I can't figure out your hatred towards cellulose.....time to confess.
(maybe form a group)

It doesn't itch like fiberglass, but you doo need to wear a paper dust mask
for the borax fire retardent, 'else your throat will remind you.

Foam, yes sticky, flammable (must be covered over with drywall
or other fire proofing) smelly when applying. The "A" product is
a nasty chemical that can cause sensitization and chemical burns.

It's not like I want to roll around in the stuff all day, nor do it for
a living, but compared to batts of fiberglass, insulation coming
out of a hose is always better.

We have a local manufacturer of the cellulose, and I've been there
a couple of times....the dust is piled up a foot deep in some areas.

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