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Originally Posted by digger doug View Post
See my post about insulation's called commercial wall spray.
mix elmers glue with water 6-8 to 1, and go to town.

I've included 1 pix of the garage I did with it.

Can pull it off easily for re-model, and can fix it if you build your own

Buy the insulation from Lowes, borrow the machine, add your nozzle & pump.

There's no cutting & fitting of sheets around obstructions when it comes out of a hose.....
I don't remember exactly, but with blown cellulose, there is a way to make it a solid mass. If you spray that solid mass against plastic, it will be easily removeable for future projects, and will come down in solid batts.

It's more time intensive than just blowing it in, doesn't quite have the same R value per thickness, and it's really a PITA, but it works if you think you'll ever need to remove the insulation for something, and plan on putting it back in the same places it came from.
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