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Default water heater timers

I did a quick search and didn't find anything on this topic.
I currently have an electric hot water heater that I've installed a blanket on, and a timer that turns it off at 11pm and back on at 5 am, one of my room mates took a shower at 4am and claimed it was plenty warm, 5 hours of sitting and it's still warm? seems pretty good to me, so I ordered more tabs to turn it on and off, my plan is to have it turn on at 5am (one room mate sometimes gets up at that time) and turn off at 8am or so, turn back on at 3 or 4pm then I'm not sure if I should have it turn off again at 6pm or so and back on for an hour late at night (other room mate likes the option of showering before bed after going out for the evening), or if I should have it stay on till 11pm.
Anyone else have a water heater timer? what do you all do? my plan is to have it turn off before the times we would do things like shower, so it's not heating up the new cold water that is in the tank so it can sit there all day nice and warm when no one needs it.

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