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You guys must have ESP.. I've been thinking about this Home Automation stuff all day.!.
I understand there are a lot of security concerns and that a consortium of companies is working on an 'open' protocol and strong encryption.. The encryption is going to be the most difficult. For the RF controlled devices, I assume they with go with frequency-hopping or other anti-jam RF system..

In my estimation, it's going to take some time before the final product hits the market. Maybe have some encryption that will force hackers to buy a Cray SuperComputer, before they can break in..

Anyways, I need to update my security system too.. So I'm going to wait about a year to see if I can jump in at the right point in time..

In the mean time, I still use X10 and would like to put them under the
control of my Echo Dot "Computer".. Which I think might be possible on 433 Mhz.
Using a low cost RF & IR blaster..

Maybe learn to use IFTT to control the (IR) Sanyo in the den?
Get myself ready for the real deal when the time comes.. If it does....
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