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I'm a big advocate of lots of insulation, at a good price, 18" or so of blown in cellulose will be placed on the ceiling of the upstairs rooms & on the ceiling of the downstairs, outside the upstairs rooms, toward the eaves. Eave chutes will be used to keep the cellulose out of the venting.

No insulation in floor of upstairs rooms over downstairs ceilings.

The vertical walls (6') will get Roxul R-30 Comfort batts which are in a permeable plastic bag (I think) they are suppose to expand laterally if they can.

The upstairs attic truss presents a problem with venting the underside of the roof sheathing at the angled areas on each room side. This area is the nailer for the roof sheathing and the interior sheet rock.

The top cord is 2x8 (7.25" deep) that isn't enough for a vent chute + insulation.

The truss company said that they can easily scab on 2x4's on the inside, which gives me 3.5" more for 10.75" total.

For this angled area, I will build my own vent chutes out of 9" (3 X 3" layers) of polyiso foam (R-50.4)

I will attach 2x2 (1.5") at each side where roof sheathing meets the truss. Cut the polyiso 22" wide strips & can spray foam in gaps at edges, one layer at a time.

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