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Default Sealing the basement

Well, I am currently in the sealing and insulating phase of energy-proofing this old house. I figure the best place to start is the basement. There are quite a few projects down there that can give me some easy eco-points.

I decided to start with the basements windows. We never open them, and we aren't down there long enough to need the light coming in. So I decided to make rigid foam inserts to fit inside the window frames, sealed air-tight with spray foam.

Here's the first window, after vacuuming loads of spiderwebs, crumbled cement, and who-knows-what other kinds of nasty stuff from it. They are the basic top-hinge single-pane type with an outer storm window.

There were actually roots growing through the turn-of-the-century mortar/cement. Not quite sure what that means, but I don't think it's good.

This is the bottom of the sill. There is a nice little pit between the two boards in the center.

I noticed this quarter-sized hole between the window frame and the cement. You can actually see daylight through it, and I could feel a strong draft of cold air coming through it.

Window #2 above the laundry area. They put some kind of glass block storm window-thing in it that's about 4" thick. It doesn't seem to have much insulating value because I can feel the cold in front of it. I could also see the spiderwebs around the window frame moving from the draft coming through between the frame and cement.

Exibit C. This window sits above the decommissioned cistern. Apparently it was installed before indoor plumbing, or at least before the kitchen sink. There are no hinges on it, there were just a few rusty nails in the window frame holding it in place. The frame is badly rotted by what looks like decades of plumbing leaks from above.

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