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Thanks guys for the replies! Yes, I was not looking for a DIY option. I AM looking for opinions on the quotes I posted. Believe it or not... these were the cheaper quotes. I have had several in the 12000 range. Also opinions about the units themselves

I do not know a lot about AC systems and companies. My current unit is original to this house from 1997. There are two power companies here, and I am with the most expensive one.(tangent warning)I have had a few friends with units that have a ton of features and they end up having to replace expensive circuit boards in the heat of the summer when they are basically held at gunpoint by the repair companies. My buddy has a simple capacitor replaced in Feb, an the company that diagnosed his issue told him in the summer the repair would be 3 times as much. That is how a lot of these companies do business, but even the suppliers do it to the installers, so who is to blame.

I was not looking for someone to take me to task, just ask for guidance in an area I am unfamiliar with. I know it's frustrating when someone asks for advice and they don't immediately take it. A DYI mini split is just not possible for me. None of the installers have mentioned mini splits but I will get at least one quote on them this week, thanks for that option. It is just not common in homes here. I have seen it in a few businesses but not in a home. It's not that common here in Phoenix, anyone know why?

Thanks guys for the opinions and taking the time to answer, I really appreciate your input.
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