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Originally Posted by Wanna Beco View Post
Yeh.... not what I am looking for, but thanks for the reply!
You asked the question, but it seems like you came here with an answer already in mind. Air conditioners exist that use less than half of the electricity that the US government's 13 SEER requirement uses, allow you to cool areas that specifically need separately as opposed to everything or nothing with a system where its loudest part is quieter than a refrigerator, they are close to silent. You also mentioned the challenge of digging around in the attic to do this too. If you install ductwork in the attic in Arizona, you are asking for a huge efficiency deficit to the installed system. It seems to me that the most inefficient and badly installed air conditioning systems end up in the places where those mistakes cost the most due to the climate. I'm surprised people want to stick with the status quo in the southern US, but you've come as an example. What sort of answer were you looking for? One that validates what you expected to hear?
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