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It's here!

The new inverter came in from China and seems to work.
One of the coils inside was loose, since it was wrapped in tape before it was
glued to the PCB, it didn't hold very well and (Fedex) broke the wire strap that held it down.
But, that had no impact on it's operation. Testing at 40 to 600 watts is okay so far.


When I connected the new Dehumidifier to the load, the new inverter started beeping like
crazy, while the display on the Kill-a-watt was blinking 800w. But, it quickly settled down and started working.

I suspect this 1500w rating might be some Chinese Hype, and I should run it under 1kw.

In order to run the Dehumidifier this summer, (if we actually have a summer)
I'll disconnect the hot-water heating element and piggy-back
the 500w tracking array into the basement load circuit.
(The 500w PV will need to be rewired to series-parallel for 35vdc @14A)

The old 1200w GTI AC output wired onto new 1500w true sinewave (to simulate a grid-tie) is 800w+500w (1.3kw Max) of PV.

So, I should be able to run up to 1kw of AC loads and still be charging the
48v battery bank, when it's sunny.

The main loads will be the Dehumidifier, the basement freezer and this PC.
These loads vary a great deal, so at times of low wattage, the bank can play catch-up. I hope!

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