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Originally Posted by strider3700 View Post
sweet. Mind if I ask what this has run you? My constantly wasted 45 watts of panels would make me much happier if they charged a battery bank then the excess went to keeping a PC or the woodstove fan going.
My small power pack will sit in my storage shed for days, sometimes weeks without me using it, so I started investing in 4" 12VDC fans. Their size was determined by the dimension of the air vents. The fans are medium-duty, use 350mA each, and cost $15. Connected to the charge controller's LVD, they draw air 24/7. For the long periods that I don't work in my shed, the 85 Watt panel is able to keep the bank topped off, and exchange the air simultaneously.

While I don't feel a 'breeze' inside my shed, the draft from the outside vents is significant. It makes me feel better about my property sitting in the heat/humidity of SW Texas.
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