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Originally Posted by stevehull View Post

As I said before, go to as a 5 kW system should be about $1.30 per watt including shipping (total of $6500). The PV system materials are about $1.10 a watt (panels, inverters, racking, labels and all roof hardware).

Look at getting twenty Enphase M215 inverters and twenty 260 watt 60 cell panels. Right now they have free Ironridge racking.

This does not include the cost of wiring to your home as this is a variable I can't predict (maybe a couple hundred $).

You do NOT need a permit package. Just call your electric utility and have them send you the application papers - they can help you with this.

Renvu also has a very nice design tool that can be used to do a 20 panel system (two strings of 10 panels each). Once that is done, then they can quote you. But know that you can bargain with them (for example, they regularly sell the M215s for $79) and they give first install discounts.

But you gotta go there and do the homework . . . . .

Good luck and beware many of the "kit" systems on the internet.

I am looking at it at the moment . I think the design tool is pretty neat
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