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Based on pinballs recomendation, I purchased a single zone 36 kBtu minisplit unit from Comfortup. It is a Gree with the inverter technology and SEER in the mid 20's.

I am incredibly impressed. It is in a 2400 sq ft shop and it is just sucking the water out. I have in the "dry" mode which maximizes moisture extraction at the cost of a few degrees higher than the set point. About 5 gallons of condensate a day for the first few days.

When we first turned it on, we didn't hear the compressor kick on, but the fan turned on and we thought might be a defective compressor. While reading the troubleshooting notes, we heard and saw water exiting the condensate line. Yes, that quiet.

The inside unit is also amazingly quiet.

Free shipping, free 25 foot line set and no tax. Wonderful!

Thanks pinballl for your suggestion - spot on.
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