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Originally Posted by WyrTwister View Post
Bought it at Johnstone Supply . The company I work for has an account with them . So , I paid wholesale .

Went back to them to get the replacement board .

I did the repair .

I was expecting more than one circuit board , but everything was on the single board . I am running this ~ 12,000 BTU unit on 120 VAC . Apparently , the board converts the power to something similar to 3 phase .

God bless

Most of the mini splits step up the voltage to around 380V DC. Then they convert that to whatever the compressor uses. Most are three phase. Basically work like big commercial style power supplies. The big capacitors are what usually go bad as with all electronics everyone uses cheap caps.
So be careful when messing with those boards as the caps can bite you if you forget to discharge them.

I keep thinking about a minisplit in the kitchen. In the summer you really don't want to do much cooking because its already 100*+ and the AC is already running non stop... A nice small minisplit would make the kitchen much more usable in the summer. I'm thinking ceiling mount but they are pricey still. Though I do have a spot for a wall mount and the smallest unit would do what I need.

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