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Oh no, we're talking about refrigerators with compartment cams (so you can check at the grocery store if you have any cold beer left), with the ability to assemble shopping lists for you automatically. Stream music and video to watch and hear on the built-in LCD panel. See who's at the front door from your smart door lock camera. Plan a meal based on the groceries inside the refrigerator. Samsung's app suite is called family hub.

Washers and dryers that are smart home enabled have a gaggle of extra functionality built in too. Not quite as decked out as the refrigerators, but you can control and monitor operation from afar, download custom cycles from the net, receive notifications when it's swap out laundry time, retrieve error messages, restart cycles that didn't finish correctly, and the like. Some models have bulk detergent and fabric softener tanks, that notify you when they get near empty.

As far as energy saving and prioritizing of equipment, I'm pretty certain that the factory apps don't include the eco-functionality you describe. They're more about the bells and whistles that make them more useful. That's not to say that you can't have another smart hub that you can program to prioritize certain devices to operate exclusively of each other. I do know that there are energy monitoring apps that can monitor and level your energy usage, as well as schedule devices to operate during off-peak hours and times of low usage.
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