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Hello Alexandra
I ended up laying all the hot runs side by side in the trench bottom, then a sheet of foam over that, then the side by side row of cold pipes over that with a final sheet of 1" pink foam over those. Didn't use the pool noodles. If nothing else the foam protects the pipe if you have to dig it up.
I left some overhang of foam on the sides so the earth weight bent that down to sort of cover the sides and finally took a lot of pics of the trench and measured its location from other landmarks and put a length of wire on top of everything to maybe be able to find it with a metal detector.
Seems to work well but I really don't have anything to compare it to and after all the hot and cold runs are close to each other all the way down the vertical holes anyway!
Good luck, how cold does it get in Rumania?
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