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We have only ran a few loads that are mostly towels because there is still nice sunny weather and we can hang dry our clothes for now. It shows like 88 minutes when you start it up, but never has it went that long. There are a couple of sensors to determine when the clothes are dry and so far the clothes come out dry.

We plan on cleaning both filters each time before we dry a load to make sure that it doesn't plug up like with the previous owner.

We have a central vacuum in the garage and near the laundry room and will install a Vroom wall unit to take care of the lint a little easier. My appliance repairman neighbor had one installed after his wife plugged up his regular dryer.

My appliance repairman neighbor has only ever serviced a couple of these heat pump dryers and said that the problem with both were from the lack of cleaning the secondary filter. He said the company upgraded or updated the secondary filter to capture more of the lint.
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