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Default Heat pump drier

That is so true, like heating your house with a window open.

The whole story for me on driers and washers goes back to when I got married, my sister who was 10 years older, gave me her set which were Frigidaire, GM at the time. They were 1957 models and the drier was ventless. It had a big drawer underneath that was full of tubes that condensed the moisture which dripped into an evaporation pan. The washer was called jet action, it was a top loader and the washing action was vertical and it really cleaned. Then for spin it ran the drum at full motor speed which was 1140 rpm. The drum only had holes at the very top. Sometimes the clothes would be too out of balance for the high speed and you would have to open it and rearrange the clothes and try it again. They were very heavy and well built but after a while I couldn’t get parts anymore.
Now with inverter technology heat pumps are efficient and we enter a new era.
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