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I finally got my pump in and running. I had to pull it twice though... Not fun in 108* heat.

It would not pump. Come to find out the plastic valve in the outlet was made wrong and didnt allow enough water around it. Its basically there to limit pump output so the pump never free flows and always dead heads. This reduces amp draw and increases pump life.
So what I had to do was to drill 4 1/4" holes in the plastic piece in the pump outlet. After that it pumped water like a fountain. I have my outlet valve about half way open and i'm getting just over 10 gallons per minute at close to 60 PSI. That will be pretty nice for supplying the sprinkler system. Now to finish getting it plumbed in etc.

Oh and to add. The static water level has dropped to about 40' as we haven't had rain in over 3 months and its been 100*+ since the end of may and 115*+ for about a week. 108* is pretty well the normal summer temp here now.
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