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From my understanding, the magazine refused to allow her to look over the article before release to public, she got misrepresented in some embarrassing/hurtful way, and the result was a storm. (Compare that to how Rinoa Super-Genius does content about others - she specifically lets the subject review the content before public release to prevent that kind of problem.)

I realize that many reading are curious exactly what a FPGA is. It is a chip with a large number of programmable gates, hence its name - Field Programmable Gate Array. Easiest way to think of it is more or less a digital breadboard on a chip. One use that is very relevant to this site is that FPGAs are well suited for generating the waveforms used to operate motor inverters (VFDs). That's especially true when implementing modulation schemes more advanced than plain PWM such as Delta Sigma. - FPGAs - What are they?

For crypto mining, FPGAs tend to do better than CPUs and GPUs because they can be "wired" to compute the hash function as opposed to running a sequence of instructions that together compute the hash function. ASICs do better still because the routing and configuration parts of a FPGA use a significant amount of power and space, but ASICs are only available for some algorithms because they're really expensive to design. And there's a lot of effort being put into new cryptocurrencies to make them not minable on existing ASICs.

It's also interesting to note that I solved a paradox in crypto mining. If a better way to mine a coin is shared with the public, everyone jumps on board causing the difficulty to rise and efficiency to fall. Hence sharing a better way to mine is generally not helpful. The most profitable/energy efficient coins tend to be pretty small/unknown with the coiners being very secretive and selfish about what they do, with any sharing being restricted to a small community. So by sharing the mining profits, I (and other coiners) still get to mine efficiently while I contribute something to the community other than increased mining difficulty. And as an Eta Kappa Nu (the honor society of the IEEE) member, I get to show my friends how I live up to the IEEE slogan "advancing technology for humanity".
To my surprise, shortly after Naomi Wu gave me a bit of fame for making good use of solar power, Allie Moore got really jealous of her...
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