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Default Great little wind turbine

Originally Posted by nexsuperne View Post
I have recently fitted one of these to replace my 48 volt 1kw Futurenergy turbine. Results so far are better than the FE unit, even though the swept area is smaller (60 inches vs 72 inches). I think this is down to a non-furling tail and less cog resistance on the generator. There are 10 clear hornet polycarbonate blades on this, which eliminate shadow flicker completely. To stop them becoming a giant magnifying glass, a mist coat of grey primer spray paint was applied to the back of the blades. The SC60 has put out over a kilowatt in a 35mph wind, and because the turbine starts making power at just 60rpm, it makes some power in the 10mph winds. The SC60 is charging my 48 volt system and was chosen with the 10 blade hub as most of the time the wind is in the low speed 15-45mph range. It has been known to hit 75mph, but only in bad weather. I have a 'watts up' meter connected to it as a crude data logger. I will go down the usb pc monitoring route, as I already have the pc tracking all power use from the grid.
The manufacturer has had his turbine flying in 100mph+ winds with no problems. These are designed to spin the blades at 2000rpm, but the generator will run at 18,000 rpm!
I also have 6 of these units and they make all the power our cabin ever needs. I have 24 of the L-16 Trogen battery / bank and those ghost wind turbines never let me down yet. They are always full and the dump load makes plenty of hot water.

I bought them at Wind turbine power generator and solar energy grid ties and they sell for real cheap like $299.00
Great investment!
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