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Now I should be able to weld aluminum with AC.
I picked up a century universal high frequency arc stabilizer.

What this does is super imposes a 4 to 32 MHz, 3,500 volt arc onto the welding leads.
This little box is not a welding power source, you plug this thing into your welding machine then plug your welding leads into this machine.

With the cover removed and turned on it interferes with unshielded electronics from at least 20 feet away.

I modifications so far:
Miller plug welding leads.
Miller welding lead receptacles.
Put a faraday cage inside the enclosure under the louvers. Yes I have brass screen.
Installed a 130v MOV to suppress funky high voltage transient voltages on the 120v input power side.
Installed a light so I know when its on and set to kill.
The light also helps suppress transients.
Replaced the panel toggle switch with a switch on 15 foot cord.
Installed a handle on the top.

Need to cut a hole and install a fan.
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