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Geo - there are also a number of forums that show how to buy the actual batteries and to make up your own battery packs. The newer Li-ion cells have far more capacity than the older types so you get get more cleaning done per charge (as you noted).

Some of the Neatos are VERY pricey, but the clean floors and happy spouse far makes up for it.

I should also note that we are on a livestock farm and people are supposed to take shoes off when entering, but some forget (me included). The Neato does an incredible job of cleaning.

It starts at 7:30 am and goes through the entire house (won't fall down stairs). About 1/2 way through, it "knows" it doesn't have sufficient charge to finish the job and goes back to the base unit (120 v plug in) for a quick charge. Once that mini charge is done it goes back to the exact spot when it stopped cleaning and starts cleaning again. When all done, a big sleep and charge until the next day.

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