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Our family have been using the Neato for 5 years now. Before that it was also the Roomba. Neato is better unless Roomba has been redesigned in my opinion too. I do like the edge spinning brush of the Roomba though.

Spending $400 on a robot vacuum didn't seem like a wise investment until I asked my better half to use her favorite vacuum and do a once over. Then when she was done,(very important step here) I showed her the empty dust bin, put it back in the new Neato and I set the Neato free. After a few minutes, I pulled the dust bin and showed her how much more this picks up. Looking in the dust bin, she was a bit surprised and was ok with the purchase.

I did that same demonstration at my mother and my friends house. Also found that when my floors are kept vacuumed, that my gal is much happier when she comes home from a long day of work.

There is one for the shop and one in the house. One thing that I learned is that when the battery is past its useful life, that you can replace them with a longer lasting aftermarket battery from places like Amazon. One charge and my whole house is cleaned.
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