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(There are 2 pictures here. If none/one loads, refresh. My servers slow lol)
This isnt from this specific model (it had a smaller version of this), but relevant for heatpumps/coil discussion. This is what we know as a Weld. Its a spun filter drier, a check valve, and 2 sections of capillary tube. The bottom of the drier is attached to the condenser, the open end of the captube to the evap.

In a/c mode, it enters the drier, through the check valve, and through the longer length of cap tube. In heat mode, the flow reverses, entering through the long captube. The checkvalve is now closed forcing the gas to also pass through the shorter captube.

This design allows them to run a lower superheat in a/c mode, and a higher superheat in heat mode. This compensates for coil size, design, and temperatures. This may explain why they can get away with their coil designs, as most other brands dont have this neat little feature (split systems for the most part do have double metering, package are typically single fixed metering).

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