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Some 20 years ago, I was buying CFLs for my new house. I bought a lot of the same size and configuration. Wrote the install date on the base of each. And I kept one of the packages and the purchase slip.

As these failed - and some did - I would return the bulb and the package that said "lasts 7 years" or such.

They got tired of me returning bulbs, but I persisted. Eventually, they were known for the store with the bad bulbs. Finally a regional supervisor actually called me. I explained that the bulbs should last "x" hours as described on the package. He agreed and Home Depot dropped that line of bulbs, got a better supplier/manufacturer and exchanged all my bulbs.

I agree with AC. They do get the point, but you must be persistent (or a PITA) depending on perspective.

But at a minimum, I would label any bulb with the start of service date.

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