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Default Attic blower installed

Today I took data, while I waited for the UPS guy.. (He came at 5:41 P.M.)
The attic temp got into the high 70s, since it was pretty cloudy today..
Outdoors stayed in the low 50s all day.. The basement stayed pretty stable.

After supper, I installed the new fan and dryer duct in the attic..
Dang thing sounds like a jet engine! But, it's not too loud when the doors and pull-down stairs are closed.

I put a filter 'sock' over the warm air in-take. Hope it stops some of the larger particles.

The forecast for tomorrow is cooler, but mostly sunny..
I'll try to get the data logger running before the attic heats up,
and see how well this rig is going to work on a mild day..
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