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Originally Posted by Daox View Post
Did you ever try removing a few blades?
I did take 5 of the 10 blades off, but the start up was much worse (higher mph winds), the overall power for a given wind speed was lower. I understand the logic from a previous post the suggestion of removing blades to help with top end power, but at the moment, from the 40 mph winds I have seen, it just keeps making more watts. I think that with this design, and also my total power requirement, the extra blades will help to add a self regulating feature, as when the wind speed is high enough to make too much power, the previous blade will steal the available from the next and stop an over speed situation occurring. I only need to make an average of 200 watts an hour, whether through wind or solar, to run the LED lights, wood burner circulator pump (hot water and domestic heating), telecoms and computers.
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