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My oldest LED is around 10 years old an is still working perfectly, the LED next to my bed is around 8 years old, one out side of my door is 5 years old and I think that at that point they started to get cheap enough that I bought a few a year and now have about 15 LED's in the house, non of them have failed all of them when hooked up to a watt meter draw less power then a CFL of the same brightness, but that is NOT true of all LED's, lucky for us most of them now list their lumin output and their watt draw, I don't buy anything that is less then 50 lumins per watt and I aim for 70+ lumins per watt, I also like the warmer white and only use the cold white in places like out door lighting or task/work lighting.

I also live with someone who can stand the blue tint from the cheaper cold white LED's so she notices if I install one that is lower quality.
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