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I've replaced some 23w CFLs with 7.5w LEDs and use brighter 12w LEDs in a few places where extra light is needed.
Mostly, our decorator style lamps were incandescent, on dimmers.

LED Video
Green slot :: LEds video by Xringer - Photobucket

We have an over-voltage problem with our grid.. Not good for LEDs..

I had to replace three LEDs that went bad, but they failed in less than a year,
so it didn't cost anything to get new ones.
I don't think we've had a failure for about 6 or 7 months now.

Update on the video..
The last 60w LED shown was replaced with a 23W CFL (since it's used very little in that corner).
The 60w Phillips LED is now sharing a (dual socket) kitchen ceiling lamp fixture with a 23W CFL.
During food prep, that ceiling fixture is needed. It's off-and-on all day long.
My guess is 3 hours a day run time..
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