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I've got 5 LED's in the house

3 Luminus 8 watt bulbs in the dinner room light and 1 in the basement.

All 4 of them are on dimmers. THe cheap regular dimmer downstairs works great. the bulb is brighter then the expensive dimable CFL that it replaced.
The expensive fancy dimmer that works with regular CFL bulbs does not work well with the LED's. They flicker and are amazingly bright at it's highest setting. I'm thinking about relocating the bulbs and going back to CFL's there.
The light is a little whiter then I prefer but not bad.

I also have a 3 watt LED in a touch sensitive table lamp beside the bed. the lamp has a low/med/high setting. On high the light flashes on for a 1/2 second every 5 seconds. the other two settings work. low is fine to see around the house but would hurt your eyes to read by. Medium is barely enough to read my kindle without straining my eyes.

the 3 watts were $12 for a 3 pack. 2 of them aren't in use.
the 8 watts were $22 for a 2 pack.

All came from costco.

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