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Hamilton is just slightly south of Toronto, on the west end of Lake Ontario. The Midwestern United States is a fair bit colder on average, but it also gets a lot more sun. Depending on your location in Minnesota, it is quite possible that the increased sunlight where you are would more than make up for the colder winter.

I do plan to say more about the plan once i'm confident the figures are correct. And i may well post those figures in a bit in a new thread because they strike me as too good to be true and i can't see the error. We are trying to come up with a design that is as cheap as possible, using newish materials like cellular concrete. My husband is an architect, but for the moment i've been placed in charge of research and preliminary calculations because he's busy. Besides, it was my idea. If it works well enough, building more will be part of a building business in Ontario. (Currently we are based in Mexico.)
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