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I see the process now. I maybe shouldn't have been responding so late at night. I got balled up with how the units cancel out and it seemed to me i was left with kW. So, with that, i can have everything come out in kWh, which makes life easy.

Southern Ontario has a fair number of commercial heated greenhouses that go year-round. What we want is just a personal garden space all year, where we can grow tropical trees and cacti and have grass between our toes in January. The roof will not need to be cleared of snow, large sections of it are not glazed, and most of what is, closes for the winter with reinforced insulation panels the snow can sit on. The open glazed part of the roof is angled sharply enough that the heat loss from within the greenhouse will cause any snow to slide off quickly. North, east, west walls are highly insulated, and so is the foundation. If the numbers i am now running aren't flawed (which is definitely not certain) the mud area doesn't need to be all that big.

(But watts are indeed tied to seconds - 1 joule for 1 second. It doesn't crop up with power calculations, but it is relevant to the power plant thing. A power plant is 21MW if it can process 21 MJ of its fuel stock in 1 second. If it can process that much in half a second, it is a 42 MW power plant.)
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