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Default Getting a new Furnace

Hey all. So I had my energy audit done on my new house, and one of the items that needs to get done is replace my 25 year old furnace. I had a few guys come out and give me quotes and I'm stuck on 2 companies. One just sells Bryant furnaces, and the other sells both Bryant and Lennox. They're both giving me the same price for furnace, but one is for the Bryant 987M 80K BTU modulating furnace and the other is the Lennox EL296V 90K BTU 2 stage furnace. I've emailed both companies and am waiting on an answer about "what the lowest output BTU is" for both furnaces. Daox was saying that most of these newer furnaces don't run at max output most of the time, so to find out which one had the lower output.

If anyone can give any advice on either I'd appreciate it. Good or bad experiences with either?


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