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Consider this. you have 1 lb of liquid. now turn it to gas. Its going to do 1 of 2 things. Its going to take up a lot of space, or its going to make a lot of pressure. I get the feeling you could very quickly experience thermal runaway. I never actually researched what happens over crit temp, I just know its well out of the design range for almost anything Id ever need to do lol. It would probably also displace liquid in your condenser, reducing its capacity. That, and that poor compressor would have to be way out of its discharge tmax lol.

Funny you bring up water, Mike. I was doing some research into heatpipe heat sinks. Thought it was very interesting that many many use water under a vacuum to get it to boil and condense at such low temperatures. Iv started fooling with heatpipes as pre-stage in a HRV tinker toy.

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