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Sorry for being short on details. I am ready to build controls and heat source for my in floor NO pex heating for our new 600 sq' super insulated/sealed living space. It has three closing spaced(6" at exterior walls to 12" interior) 200' loops, all one temp, one zone, one slab(each loop is valved for simple balancing). I plan to recharge floor each night with off peak. If needed.

My heat source for water(closed system) are limited at this time because I want to be on my local elec COOP's off peak program and they have requirements that won't allow me using an HE elec DHW heater as a source for the low demand hot water I will need(which would be my choice). I do not want to be tied to fossil fuel with a propane DHWH or have to deal with combustion in the tightly sealed space. So I am looking into a mini elec boiler. The Hydroshark brand that is displayed all plumbed at a local box store is plumbed with a primary loop that has a pump that circulates fluid thru boiler and to a close valve exchange to a secondary loop that has pump and controls that feed pex zones and loops. I have seen DIY systems plumbed with just a single pump/loop(but different brand boiler) which is much simpler/afforadle but is it advisable? Both ways single or double pump designs have all they other recommended components, shut offs, expected tank, fills, air trap etc. Are mini boiler brands different operationally?
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